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Incumbency Certificate Basics

You need to identify important people in your company, which is where an Incumbency Certificate comes in. "Incumbent" isn't just campaign jargon. Regardless of the title, a written declaration of who's who among the big dogs is important. Maybe you need to list directors, officers, or board members. Keeping an updated Incumbency Certificate helps to quickly identify leaders.

Use the Incumbency Certificate document if:

  • You're incorporating a business.
  • Your company's incumbents have changed.
  • It's time to update your company's paperwork, and you're in charge of verifying current incumbents.

An Incumbency Certificate is often the underdog of business documents. You might not think about it until you need it. But when you do need it, you need it fast. This important document has the signature of every incumbent in the organization. It might be requested for a grant proposal, tax audit, or other time-sensitive need. You know how tough it can be to track down busy bodies for a signature. Keep ahead of the game. Tick this item off your list if you're starting a new business. Make sure it's updated annually, or as incumbents change. It's always smart to be prepared. Get your Incumbency Certificate taken care of, and rest assured you're up to snuff.

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