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Other Names: Shareholder Proxy Business Proxy Corporate Proxy Form
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What is a Corporate Proxy?

As a corporate shareholder, you may not be able to make it to every meeting. In those cases, you can use a Corporate Proxy to allow another person to represent and vote for you at the stockholder's meeting. Having a proxy in place helps you protect your legal rights and responsibilities, and gives you a voice when you can't be there in person. 
When you can't be present at a shareholders meeting, you can create a Corporate Proxy allowing you to have another person represent you and vote on your behalf. You'll typically want to give a Corporate Proxy to another stockholder, and for a limited period of time. Your dated Corporate Proxy should include details like: the name of the corporation; the owner of the stock; who will be given authority to represent the stockholder (also called the 'proxy') when the proxy's authority will take effect; whether you wish to direct your proxy how to vote on certain issues; and the issues on which the proxy's vote will be limited. Finally, make sure a witness is present for the signing, since this proxy is essentially a Special Power of Attorney.

When to use a Corporate Proxy:

  • You own stock in a corporation, and wish to give another person the authority to represent, vote, and exercise the powers associated with the stock for a specific meeting of the stockholders.
  • You cannot attend a stockholders' meeting, but wish to have shares voted at the meeting.
  • You cannot attend a stockholders' meeting, but wish to ensure that a quorum can be met.

Sample Corporate Proxy

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, the undersigned stockholder(s) (the "Stockholder"), , , , hereby designate(s) (the "Proxy") as the proxy for the Stockholder, with respect to the Stockholder's shares of stock (the "Stock") in (the "Corporation").


By this designation of proxy, the Stockholder hereby revokes any prior designation of proxy that the Stockholder may have previously given with respect to the Stock.


This designation of proxy shall be effective immediately, and shall continue in effect until terminated by a written notice delivered to the Corporation.Annual


The Proxy shall have the full power, as the Stockholder's substitute, to represent the Stockholder and vote the Stock on all issues and motions that are properly presented at the meeting(s) for which this designation of proxy is effective. The Proxy shall have the authority to vote entirely in the discretion of the Proxy.



Date of Signing:

















Corporate Proxy document preview

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