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Hardship Letter basics

A Hardship Letter is written to your creditor or loan provider to request financial assistance if you are going through a difficult time financially. A typical Hardship Letter outlines your situation before the hardship occurred, and then describes your current financial situation and why you are unable to meet the payments due. Some common reasons for writing a Hardship Letter include injury, loss of job, economic downturn, an illness to you or a family member, etc. This letter should thoroughly explain your situation and your proposed solution on making payments.

If you have questions about personal finances during the COVID-19 pandemic, ask a lawyer or find more resources in our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Legal Center.

Use the Hardship Letter document if:

  • You are experiencing financial difficulties and want assistance in paying your bills
  • You recently loss your job or are working reduced hours and cannot make your usual payments
  • You want to request a loan modification to alter your mortgage payment terms
  • Making a Hardship Letter can help you start the process of getting relief from your creditors or lenders. It can document your financial situation and help you make the case for deferred or otherwise discounted payments. Sending your letter via priority mail can help you track that it has been delivered successfully. You may also consider checking with your lender/creditor, in case they have a different protocol to follow.

    Other names for this document: Hardship Request Letter, Financial Hardship Letter

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    Sample Hardship Letter

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