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Sample General Contract for Products Form Template
General Contract for Products Basics

If you run a business, and you've agreed to buy or sell products, you can put the terms in writing with a General Contract for Products. You've talked about the terms--how many, and in what amount, when and where. A General Contract for Products specifies the terms of your deal and helps protects everyone's interests.

Use the General Contract for Products document if:

  • You've to buy or sell goods with another party, and you want to get the contract in writing.

With a General Contract for Products, you can outline your agreement in relation to products that are generally referred to as "goods," as defined by the Uniform Commercial Code. A General Contract for Products details who the parties are; the dates of the order and delivery of good; quantities of the goods; place of delivery; warranties and disclaimers; and payment terms. Note that a General Contract for Products is not intended to cover the sale of real estate, software, or intangibles such as stocks or securities. The General Contract for Products should be signed by both the buyer and the seller, becomes effective as of the date provided in the text, and is only intended for use where both parties are businesses.

Other names for this document: Genereal Contract for Goods, Products Agreement

Sample General Contract for Products

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