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Sample Facilities Rental Agreement Form Template
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Facilities Rental Agreement basics

Renting a venue space is often one of the largest expenses in hosting an event so it is worth your effort to have an agreeable Facilities Rental Contract. The contract outlines all the important details such as dates and fees as well as legal protections.

Use the Facilities Rental Agreement document if:

  • You are renting your venue space to a business or individual.
  • You want to rent a facility and you need to supply a contract to the owner.

Our Facilities Rental Agreement is suitable for renting space for any type of event (indoor or outdoor) including weddings, fundraisers, family reunions, concerts and corporate events.

Other names for this document:

Event Rental Agreement, Event Space Rental

What are the advantages of a Facilities Rental Agreement?

This contract includes the basics such as the names of both parties involved, the date and time of the rental and rental fees. While the agreement mostly provides protection for the venue owner, it also offers a few advantages to the event planner, as well.

Advantages for the venue owner:

  • Protection from libel
  • Acceptance of "as-is" conditions
  • Termination options
  • Recovery of damage costs
  • Cancellation protection with terms

Advantages for the event planner:

  • Dates are locked in
  • Rate protection

How to protect yourself as a venue owner

In addition to using a Facilities Rental Contract, there are other steps you can take to protect your business. To protect your venue space, you may consider:

Requiring event insurance
While you should also have your own insurance, the renters should obtain additional insurance for the event. You might consider requesting an additional insured endorsement to cover your business specifically.

Take pre-event pictures
Document the venue's status of repair with images before the event. That way, you can more easily prove if damages were caused by the renter. Always perform pre- and post-event walkthroughs.

Lock all restricted areas
Office spaces, storage rooms, roof access doors, and more should be locked provided that it doesn't violate fire safety protocols.

If necessary, require security and medical event staff
Larger events may benefit from hired security and medical staff. Security not only helps protect the patrons, but also your facility.

Charge for use of equipment
While you may supply tables, linens or sound systems, you can charge for those in addition to the basic rental fee. The additional fee will help you afford to keep equipment up-to-date and functional.

Cleaning services
You'll need to decide if renters are allowed to do their own cleaning or if they must use your approved cleaning service. While the renter may save money by cleaning themselves, you'll likely experience better results if you work with a familiar cleaning business. Don't forget to provide adequate refuse containers.

On-site team
You should always have someone on-site during events. If it a small venue, that person may just be you. Larger events will likely require a team. The on-site team can help your clients host a problem-free event and can help protect your property.

Provide a safe environment
You should know and adhere to all safety requirements. Try to avoid any type of libel issues and protect your reputation by providing an event space that is as safe as possible. Guests should know where safety exits, fire extinguishers and medical kits are located.

Event rental space logistic considerations

Generally when people are choosing a venue, they are first impressed with how the space looks, which is important. However, other elements also require consideration. If you are working with a professional event planner, they likely can help you with issues like safety, security and health requirements, but if you are hosting on your own, you'll want to make sure your event is safe and runs smoothly.

Consider the following when hosting an event:

Parking and fire lanes
Make sure there are enough parking spaces for your attendees without blocking fire lanes. If ample parking is not available, you may consider providing a shuttle, limo service or valet service. You may also benefit from providing the guests with a parking map and by putting up signage the day of the event.

Bathrooms and handwashing facilities
Ensure that there are enough bathrooms for your guests and ADA bathrooms if required. Your caterers and servers may also need adequate handwashing facilities to maintain hygiene requirements. If there are not enough bathrooms located in the facility you can easily add portable units to satisfy health requirements.

Security and door
While you may not need a security team for a family event or wedding, you may need help with directing patrons to where they need to be. You may be okay with appointing a few people to help direct people and for answering basic questions. For large events, you should hire a security team. A professional security team can help with parking, safety, medical and law enforcement interactions.

Power and lighting
You'll want to document exactly how many working power outlets are available for catering, lighting and music. Ensure that the power available is adequate for the music and lighting equipment. If needed, you can rent generators. (Don't forget extra fuel.)

Large events will need a medical team. Smaller events like a wedding are not required to have a medical team, but you should have basic supplies on hand such as aspirin, band-aids, antacids, and so on. You should also know where the nearest medical facilities are located.

Event insurance
Even if the event space owner doesn't require you to have event insurance, you should obtain it to protect yourself or your business. Even if you do not serve alcohol, you might consider adding liquor liability coverage, just in case.

For event planners, professional or otherwise, we offer a wide-variety of helpful service contracts for event vendors and service providers, such as bartenders, cleaning agencies, DJs, caterers, and more.

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Sample Facilities Rental Agreement

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