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Sample Employee Invention Agreement Form Template
Employee Invention Agreement Basics

If you run a business in which intellectual property is crucial to your success, an Employee Invention Agreement can be used to protect your valuable assets. Whether your employees are creatives, engineers, chemists, inventors, or any number of specialized roles, an Employee Invention Agreement helps make sure that you, the employer, own the inventions they create at your workplace. It also protects the company's confidential information.

Use the Employee Invention Agreement document if:

  • Your business deals with intellectual property and you've just hired a new employee.
  • You want current employees to formally agree to protect your company's intellectual property and agree that any intellectual property they develop will belong to the company while they are working there.
  • You're in HR and need to ensure documents are up to date.

An Employee Invention Agreement can be signed before an employee begins work at your company. By signing this document, an employee agrees not to share confidential information, and that any inventions produced during his or her time at the company will be owned by the company. An Employee Invention Agreement does not apply to intellectual property your employee created before joining your company.

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Other names for this document: Employee Invention Agreement Form, Employee Invention Assignment Agreement

Sample Employee Invention Agreement

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