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Sample Deal Letter Form Template
Deal Letter Basics

If you are making a business transaction such as buying stock, or even an entire business, you can use a Deal Letter to specify to the other party what the terms of the deal are. A Deal Letter is commonly used for business ventures (Joint-Venture Agreements) and trading (Shares Purchase Agreements), as well as merger and acquisitions, in which a Deal Letter is used to describe a firm's plan to buy or take over another company.

Use the Deal Letter document if:

  • You're entering a business deal.
  • You're asked someone to participate in a business deal.
  • You're a business operator thinking about merging with, or acquiring, another business.

On the Deal Letter you should provide the names of the parties, the subject matter of this business deal and the closing date should be specified. It could be a sale of different assets, or an entire business. Using the Deal Letter, the purchaser of a company can specify the date of, and requirements for, final due diligence, including: an evaluation of the industry indicating the likelihood of the company's achieving the projections provided by the company to purchaser, and an evaluation of the overall financial condition of the company.

Other names for this document: Deal Contract

Sample Deal Letter

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