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Sample Credit Card Inquiry Form Template
Credit Card Inquiry Basics

If you discover a mysterious, or suspicious, charge on your credit card statement, you can use a Credit Card Inquiry to help challenge it. Identity theft is a common problem, especially with online shopping and banking, so a Credit Card Inquiry can be a crucial step in discovering if your credit card has been compromised. A Credit Card Inquiry can help you get your money back, and protect you from further problems.

Use the Credit Card Inquiry document if:

  • You want to challenge an unknown charge on your credit card
  • Someone used your card without your permission.
  • You charged something and got a different, or much lower quality, product. And the company isn't taking returns.

Aside from fraudulent purchases, there are other reasons you may need to use a Credit Card Inquiry. Perhaps the business has incorrectly billed you for a purchase, or a restaurant has added the wrong amount for a tip you wrote on a receipt. If the business won't refund you the money, you can challenge the charge directly with your credit card company. A Credit Card Inquiry helps you resolve the issue efficiently.

Other names for this document: Credit Card Inquiry Letter, Credit Card Statement Inquiry

Sample Credit Card Inquiry

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