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Sample Corporate Minutes Form Template
Corporate Minutes Basics

Keeping regular Corporate Minutes helps you stay on top of your corporation's record-keeping requirements. It's not just about staying organized: up-to-date Corporate Minutes help maintain your corporation's limited liability status. Protect your company by creating Corporate Minutes for all your business' official meetings.

Use the Corporate Minutes document if:

  • You need to prepare a written summary of the items discussed, and the actions taken at a meeting of shareholders and/or directors of a corporation.

As a corporation, your company enjoys the protection of limited liability status. To maintain this status, all states require your corporation to meet certain business formalities (e.g. certain number of board meetings per year, separate corporate bank accounts). Corporate Minutes are how you record those official actions that maintain this status. Minutes are taken during a formal meeting of the board of directors or shareholders of a corporation. They're a written summary of what was done or talked about at formal meetings, including the official actions taken by the corporation. It's essential for your business to record Corporate Minutes for all official shareholder and board of director meetings.

Other names for this document: Meeting Minutes Format, Meeting Minutes, Corporation Minutes

Sample Corporate Minutes

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create Corporate Minutes.

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