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Sample Collaboration Agreement Form Template
Collaboration Agreement Basics

Reviewed by Rocket Lawyer On Call Attorney  Joseph Leon, Esq

A Collaboration Agreement is a contract between artists who work together on a project. Lennon and McCartney, The Marx Brothers, Andre 3000 and Big Boi -- many art forms, including writing, music, theatre, and filmmaking, often involve the collaboration between two or more people. A Collaboration Agreement specifies the terms and conditions of the parties' working relationship, including the type of creative work they plan to undertake together, the allocation of responsibilities, and how any profits might be divided.

Use the Collaboration Agreement document if:

  • You're about to partner with someone on a creative project.
  • Another artist has asked to collaborate with you.

Sample Collaboration Agreement

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Even if specific artists have worked together before, things can change on a specific artistic project. Each new collaborative work has its own set of circumstances which can lead to different terms and arrangements. A Collaboration Agreement is a great way to establish the ground rules for your artwork; it can help protect business arrangements, friendships, and future projects. Parties can sit down before work begins, and negotiate all of the terms of the Collaboration Agreement. The collaborators can then freely proceed creatively, knowing that if there is a disagreement, the Collaboration Agreement is in place to reconcile differences.

Other names for this document: Artist's Collaboration Agreement

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