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Sample Co-Marketing Agreement Form Template
Co-Marketing Agreement Basics

When your company and another business want to team up on joint marketing campaign or promotion a Co-Marketing Agreement helps protect both businesses and avoid misunderstandings by spelling out the terms of the agreement.

Use the Co-Marketing Agreement document if:

  • You would like to place your products in another businesses store front to increase your sales.
  • Your business has agreed to run a joint marketing campaign or sale with another business.

This Co-Marketing Agreement is a contract that specifies how two businesses will exchange materials, tools and training in order to market the each other's products or services. In this Agreement, marketing partners may host joint marketing events or run joint promotions or sales. In exchange for the assistance, each Marketing Partner is entitled to a percentage of the total sales it makes in the products or services of the other Marketing Partner directly in addition to a percentage of any sales made with the product or service provider which can be attributed to the joint marketing efforts. Entering into a Co-Marketing Agreement can assist a business in trimming costs of advertising as the Marketing Partners jointly share the cost of all promotions or marketing events. This Agreement lets the two businesses define payment provisions, the marketing territory, how disputes will be handled among other basic service contract terms.

Other names for this document: Joint Marketing Agreement, Cooperative Marketing Agreement

Sample Co-Marketing Agreement

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