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Sample Child Care Authorization Form Template
Child Care Authorization Basics

Reviewed by Rocket Lawyer On Call Attorney Marquita M. Booker, Esq.

It feels good knowing you have a nanny you trust to watch your children. Using a Child Care Authorization puts that trust in writing and gives your nanny limited powers to make decisions in regards to your children. For example, you can authorize your nanny to notify school or day care that your child is ill or to pick up your child after school. Create a Child Care Authorization to define the terms when another person can make decisions about your child.

Use the Child Care Authorization document if:

  • You would like to authorize your child's school to release your child to another individual
  • You would like to give authorization for another individual to make decisions regarding your child in your unexpected absence.

What if one day, your child's school calls you because there's an unknown woman who says she's to pick up your child from school? In this situation, it would be helpful to have a Child Care Authorization in place. It's a legal document that allows another individual or institution to take care of your child temporarily or to make decisions about your child. The Authorization limits the scope of decisions that can be made. For example, a child care center may require an Authorization to allow a nanny to pick up your child on your behalf. This document should only be used to give narrow authorization for decisions about your child. If you want to grant legal authority to make major decisions, you should use Rocket Lawyer's Power of Attorney for Child. If you need a transfer of guardianship you should use Rocket Lawyer's Find a Lawyer search engine to locate an attorney to help you in the guardianship process.

Other names for this document: Child Care Authorization Form, Child Care Authorization Letter, Child Authorization Form

Sample Child Care Authorization

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