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Sample Bank Confirmation Letter Form Template
Bank Confirmation Letter Basics

As an estate administrator, you have a lot of organizing and paperwork to handle. A Bank Confirmation Letter can help you learn about the full contents of the deceased's estate. Officially request a deceased person's account information from a bank or financial institution with our Bank Confirmation Letter.

Use the Bank Confirmation Letter document if:

  • You want to confirm a decedent's account numbers and balances of accounts with a financial institution.
  • You want to determine if the decedent owns any accounts with the financial institution.
  • You want to ensure all of the decedent's accounts are included in the estate.

If you're an executor, you can write a Bank Confirmation Letter to a bank or financial institution on behalf of a deceased person's estate. The Letter requests that the bank or institution verify the deceased person's account, the balance on that account and any accrued interest not yet posted to the account. A Bank Confirmation Letter gives an Executor the ability to locate assets which the Executor did not have prior knowledge. This Letter may be used to request information even when an Executor does not know the deceased person's account(s) number or whether they held an account(s) at the institution. A Bank Confirmation Letter also requires the inclusion of a Letter of Appointment, a document verifying the Executor has the authority to act on behalf of the deceased's estate.

Other names for this document: BCL, Bank Confirmation Letter Audit

Sample Bank Confirmation Letter

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