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Sample Affidavit of Birth Form Template
Affidavit of Birth Basics

There are times when you need to verify your birth information, such as when you apply for a job, passport, visa, or green card. If your birth record has been lost or found to be incomplete, use our Affidavit of Birth to verify your birth information.

Use the Affidavit of Birth document if:

  • Your birth record is incomplete.
  • You are unable to locate your complete birth record.
  • You need additional proof of your birth when applying for a job or official documentation.

This Affidavit of Birth can be used to verify under oath the facts surrounding an individual's birth. If you are unable to obtain an acceptable birth certificate, you may submit an Affidavit of Birth as a substitute. To create the affidavit, you must find a person with personal knowledge about your birth, and state how it was acquired. That person is often a blood relative, but could be someone else who was there when you came into the world, such as the attending physician, nurse or midwife. You must have the affidavit signed and notarized before you can use it as an official substitute for a birth certificate. An Affidavit of Birth can Affidavit of Birth Certificate.

Other names for this document: Affidavit of Live Birth, Date of Birth Affidavit, Affidavit of Birth Certificate

Sample Affidavit of Birth

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