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Sample 90-Day Past Due Letter Form Template
90-Day Past Due Letter Basics

Someone owes you money, and you've tried to collect it, but it's been a long time: 90 days. At this point you can demand payment with a 90-Day Past Due Letter. This is likely the third and final notice about the late and unpaid amount you're owed. Usually, the next step is starting a legal proceeding to collect the money due.

A 90-Day Past Due Letter is a good way for you to protect yourself and keep everything fair and legal if someone has owed you money for a while. This is especially important if it's been more than three months and you decide to take legal action. A 90-Day Past Due Letter informs the person that legal action may be taken against them if the past due amount is not paid. It warns the debtor that this is final notice for the money owed. It also warns them that legal action could hurt their credit rating. Sending this letter will help establish a record if you decide to go to court to collect the money that's due. It's a record of how many times you've asked for payment from the debtor and the amount that's due. This letter can serve as proof that you requested the money owed and that the debtor didn't pay it.

Use the 90-Day Past Due Letter document if:

  • You're issuing final notice to a debtor about a past due amount
  • You're warning a person that you may take legal action if the past due amount is not paid
  • You want to record the fact that you asked the debtor to pay you before you took legal action

90-Day Past Due Letter

Sample 90-Day Past Due Letter

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