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Other Names: Collections Letter Letter of Demand Past Due Invoice Letter
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What is a 60-Day Past Due Letter?

It can be frustrating when someone falls behind on a payment or debt, but it's a smart best practice to use a 60-Day Past Due Letter to make a second demand for the money owed to you. Having a letter on file not only helps protect your rights and obligations, it helps you build a paper trail in case you need to get more legal help with the situation later on. 
Whether you're a landlord, business, lender, or an individual, you can use a 60-Day Past Due Letter to demand payment for a past-due amount of money. A simple reminder may be enough to get paid the money owed to you, but even if the person still refuses to pay, you can use this documentation of your efforts in court. Your 60-Day Past Due Letter should include details like: who is demanding payment; who owes the money; what the letter is regarding; when the last letter demanding payment was mailed, and how much was demanded (including interest and late charges); how much has already been paid; how much is owed as of this letter; when payment must be made to avoid legal action; how the debtor can contact you; and more. A 60-Day Past Due Letter is meant to be used by businesses, banks or individuals collecting their own debts, so if you're trying to collect a debt for someone else, talk to a lawyer to see if you qualify for an exception under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

When to use a 60-Day Past Due Letter:

  • You're owed money, and you want to send an additional reminder to pay the past-due amount.
  • You've already sent one letter reminding someone to pay the money they owe you, and you still haven't been fully repaid.
  • You're an employee or representative of a business that is owed money, and you're trying to collect the debt.
  • You're having difficulty recovering money from someone who owes you payment, and you'd like to get a written record of your attempts to collect, in case you have to go to court.

Sample 60-Day Past Due Letter

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The purpose of this letter is to further demand payment of money owed regarding your


On , you were mailed a letter reminding you of your obligation and demanding that you send payment on this overdue obligation. As of , as stated in that letter, the total balance due was . According to records, this obligation continues to remain unpaid.


As of the total amount still owed is plus in accrued interest in late charges. Please send payment immediately.

I we legal action to enforce your obligations this account be turned over to my our for collection. This can result in additional costs of collection that you may be required to pay. Collection proceedings may also hurt your credit rating.


You are advised to give this matter your immediate attention.


You may contact if you have any questions or need additional information. I We or I We






and and

_____ should sign the letter.

_____ should sign this letter on behalf of .

60-Day Past Due Letter document preview

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