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Sample 401k Rollover Request Form Template
401k Rollover Request Basics

You've left your job - but your 401k doesn't follow automatically. Take control with a 401k Rollover Request. Maybe you want to roll it into an IRA. Maybe you just want to let a different company manage it. People have a knack for leaving these accounts behind. Bring yours up to speed with a 401k Rollover Request.

Use the 401k Rollover Request document if:

  • You want to provide notice of an election to "roll over" a 401k account balance.

Your 401k probably isn't doing you much good sitting stagnant in an old account. But a 401k Rollover Request can help get your retirement really rolling again. Maybe you're in a new job and are getting matching funds from your employer. Nice work! You'll gather even more interest if you roll over old accounts into this one. Or maybe it's time for retirement. There's more to it than dusting off the golf clubs and volunteering to babysit grandkids. Don't forget about your retirement account from your working days. It can still be going to work for you - even if your work is now relaxing, traveling, and volunteering. A 401k Rollover Request helps make managing your retirement funds easy.

Other names for this document: 401k Rollover

Sample 401k Rollover Request

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