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Other Names: Request Help Towards Promotion Letter
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What is a Request Help Toward Promotion?

Completing a Letter Asking For a Promotion is a formal way of asking your supervisor for guidance in securing a promotion. Maybe you just had a phenomenal performance review or a huge success on your last project, and you feel your ready to Get Promoted. No one knows the criteria for receiving a promotion better than the supervisor that is actually making the decision, so why not ask them? Sending A Letter to Your Manager for Promotion can be the first step in finding out what you need to do to get where you want to be. 
Our Letter Asking For a Promotion can help you do two important things: it notifies your supervisor that you're interested in taking on more responsibility and it tells them that you're willing to do what it takes to get there. If you've proved in the past that you're a capable employee it could be a good time to talk to your boss. After all, if you just had a great performance review your accomplishments are fresh in your manager's mind. Following up an annual review with a Request Help Toward Promotion letter can help you move forward.

When to use a Request Help Toward Promotion:

  • You want to ask your boss for a promotion.
  • You just had a great annual review and want to use it as a stepping stone for a promotion.

Sample Request Help Toward Promotion

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Dear :


Thank you for the candor you showed during our recent conversation regarding my performance during the past year.


I am writing to let you know that in the areas in which I agree that I need work, I want to establish a plan for improvement immediately.


After thinking over our conversation, I have become clear on two major points. One, that it is extremely important to me to ultimately merit a promotion to the level of . The second point is that in order to merit that promotion, I am going to have to make some significant changes in my .


What I really need to know from you now is: What should I do? Where should I start?


I have a few ideas, such as . However, I believe it would be foolish for me to implement these ideas without first checking with you. Do you think these are good ideas, or do you have different suggestions? I am very interested in specific ideas that might help me develop the that would lead me to the promotion I want.


Your feedback truly was useful to me, and I hope that you will follow up on our conversation by helping me develop an action plan that will help me get where I want to go.


Thanks for your encouragement and support.






Request Help Toward Promotion document preview

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