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What is an Unbundled Legal Services Agreement?

An Unbundled Legal Services Agreement allows a lawyer to set forth the terms connected to a client engagement. Signing this document can limit the risk of potential conflicts down the road. Unlike the other websites that you might come across, there is a lot more that Rocket Lawyer offers besides PDF templates. In the event of nonpayment or any other problem, your Rocket Lawyer membership provides the optional benefit of Document Defense® support from an attorney.

When to use an Unbundled Legal Services Agreement:

  • You're an attorney and are only providing limited services for your client
  • You're a potential client, and only want specific services from an attorney.
  • You manage a legal firm or office.

Sample Unbundled Legal Services Agreement

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Unbundled Legal Services Agreement


This Unbundled Legal Services Agreement (the "Agreement) is entered into between of , , ("Client") and of , , ("Attorney").


1. Explanation of the Terms of this Agreement. Client is in need of legal services and Attorney shall provide such and the parties agree to proceed on a limited scope legal services arrangement. "Limited scope" means Attorney assists Client only in the following ways as described in this document. Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, Attorney does not speak for or represent Client.


The Client is requesting limited legal services from Attorney in the following matter: (the "Matter" or "Case").


2. Scope of Agreement and Services.


a. The only legal services promised by Attorney in this Agreement are:



b. Services not listed above will not be provided. In this matter, the excluded services include, but are not limited to:



3. Effective Date. This Agreement will take effect upon signature by both parties.


4. Automatic Termination of Agreement.


5. Attorney's Fee. Client agrees to pay Attorney a fee as follows:


6. Costs, Expenses, and Other Expenditures. In addition to any fees listed in this Agreement, Client shall pay Attorney all out-of-pocket costs incurred in connection with this Agreement. Costs may include the following: long distance telephone and fax costs, copies, postage, filing fees, and the like unless paid directly by Client. Attorney will not advance costs to third parties on Client's behalf and Attorney will not pay filing fees, court costs, or other costs to any court unless specifically requested by Client and agreed upon in advance by Attorney.


7. Additional Services/Representation. The Client may request that Attorney provide additional services, or Attorney and Client may later determine that the Attorney should provide additional limited service or assume full representation. Attorney has no further obligation to Client and may accept or decline to provide additional services. If Attorney agrees to provide additional services, those additional services will be specifically listed in an amendment to this Agreement, signed and dated by both the Attorney and Client.


If Attorney and Client agree that Attorney will serve as Client's attorney of record on all matters related to handling Client's Case, Client and Attorney will create an amendment to this Agreement, signed and dated by both the Attorney and Client.


8. Obligations of Client. Client intends to retain control over all aspects of the Case except those specifically assigned to Attorney, and understands that he/she will remain in control of the Case and be responsible for all decisions made in the course of the Case. Client agrees to:


a. Assist Attorney and complete Attorney's requests for information (in whatever form it may appear) that is necessary for Attorney to provide legal services;

b. Travel to Attorney's office if requested and show up at any appearance where Attorney asks Client to be present;

c. Carefully consider Attorney's advice as to Client's Matter before making any major decisions;

d. Provide and maintain current and complete contact information to Attorney, including changes in residence, changes in jobs, changes to phone number or other electronic means of communication; and

e. Keep Attorney advised of any new developments or information that is relevant to Client's Case, including any court notices, letters from the opposing party, or other similar developments.


9. Grounds to Terminate Agreement. Client may terminate this Agreement for any or no reason, although Client still will be legally obligated under this Agreement to meet Client's obligations to Attorney, including the obligation to pay to Attorney the agreed-upon attorney's fees to the extent it has been earned. Attorney may terminate this Agreement if, in Attorney's sole judgment, Client has failed to fulfill one of Client's material obligations under this Agreement, or for other good cause, or for any other reason authorized by law (including the ethical rules that govern lawyers).


10. Client's Informed Consent. Client has read this Unbundled Legal Services Agreement and understands all of its provisions. Client understands and accepts the limitations on the scope of Attorney's responsibilities identified above. Client understands that Attorney is not his or her attorney for any other purpose and does not have to provide any more legal help than what is agreed to above.


By: Date:




By: Date:



Unbundled Legal Services Agreement FAQs

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  • When should a legal professional write a contract for unbundled legal services?

    Even if your legal practice is brand new, it's always valuable to record the details of your work in a contract. Using an Unbundled Legal Services Agreement most likely will be helpful for you because of this list of benefits:

    • Neither party is surprised by how long the engagement lasts
    • Fee-related information is clearly defined
    • The lawyer and client both understand the scope of their responsibilities

    Without this document, you and/or the client might suffer any of these repercussions: lower service quality, scope creep, challenges collecting payment, unclear timelines or delayed delivery, and limited ability to make demands if something goes wrong.

  • How should an Unbundled Legal Services Agreement be structured?

    In order to complete your Unbundled Legal Services Agreement online, you'll need to prepare the following details:

    • Contact information for your client
    • What tasks you will be responsible for
    • How much it will cost and when payment is due
    • How long the engagement will last

    As you might expect, Unbundled Legal Services Agreements that you make using Rocket Lawyer also include the typical language regarding the non-employment relationship between the parties, the protection of confidential information, restitution for losses, and the method(s) of dispute resolution. While building your contract, you'll also have the ability to determine which state's jurisdiction it will fall under. With the Rocket Lawyer document tool, you are able to make additional alterations, if needed.

  • On average, what would it normally cost me to create an Unbundled Legal Services Agreement on my own?

    The cost of working with a law firm could be between several hundred dollars to thousands in total. With Rocket Lawyer, every Unbundled Legal Services Agreement that you make can be tailored to you. Simply tap or click "Make document" above to start the process. Once you have made your document, you can also have a lawyer in our nationwide attorney network read it over for you.

    If you've got any particular questions or hesitations about how to move forward, ask a lawyer . You should also feel free to check out the other business documents in our library.

  • Is anything else required after I write my Unbundled Legal Services Agreement?

    When you've made the Unbundled Legal Services Agreement with Rocket Lawyer, you'll be able to get to it at any time and place. With a membership, you can edit, download it as a Word document or PDF file, make a copy of it, get signatures with RocketSign®, or print it out as necessary. Unbundled Legal Services Agreements each have their own checklist of suggested actions you should take to finalize your document. You should make sure to provide a final copy of your signed agreement to the client.

  • Will anyone be able to review my Unbundled Legal Services Agreement before I sign?

    Getting an attorney to proofread your contract might take a lot of time if you try to do it by yourself. Another approach worth consideration is to request help from Rocket Lawyer attorney services. Rocket Lawyer members have the ability to request guidance from an Rocket Lawyer network attorney with experience in business or ask additional questions. As a small business owner or operator, you can Work Confidently® knowing that Rocket Lawyer is by your side.

Unbundled Legal Services Agreement document preview

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