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Other Names: Certificate of Substantial Completion Form Construction Certificate of Substantial Completion
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What is a Certificate of Substantial Completion?

This certificate of substantial completion can be used by a contractor to guarantee that work has been completed on a construction project in accordance with the contract documents and only minor items remain.

When to use a Certificate of Substantial Completion:

  • You are an Architect who wants to certify that a contractor substantially completed the construction project so that they may receive payment under the contract for achieving that milestone.
  • You are a contractor working on a project and would like a contractor certificate of completion to assure the required work is done.

Sample Certificate of Substantial Completion

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Certificate of Substantial Completion


Contract No.


Project Name  


Date of Issuance  


Owner   ,



Design Professional   ,



Contractor   ,



Contract Date  


Begin Construction Date  


Substantial Completion  


This Certificate of Substantial Completion applies to all Work under the Contract dated and any Change Orders or other documents subsequently executed in relation to the Contract.


The Work to which this Certificate applies has been inspected by authorized representatives of Owner, Contractor and Architect, and that work is hereby declared to be substantially complete in accordance with the Contract documents on



A tentative list of items to be completed or corrected is attached hereto. This list may not be all inclusive, and the failure to include an item in it does not alter the responsibility of Contractor to complete all the Work in accordance with the Contract Documents. The items in the tentative list shall be completed or corrected by Contractor within days of the above date of Substantial Completion.


From the date of Substantial Completion the responsibilities between Owner and Contractor for security, operation, safety, maintenance, heat, utilities, insurance and warranties and guarantees shall remain the same until a Certificate of Final Completion is executed.


This Certificate does not constitute an acceptance of Work not in accordance with the Contract Documents nor is it a release of Contractor's obligation to complete the Work in accordance with the Contract Documents.


This Certificate of Substantial Completion is signed by , , and by . It shall be effective as of .



By: Date:



Design Professional accepts this Certificate of Substantial Completion on ____________________.



By: Date:



Owner accepts this Certificate of Substantial Completion on _________________________.



By: Date:







Certificate of Substantial Completion document preview

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