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Other Names: Project Process Agreement Process Contract Agreement
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What is a Process Agreement?

You're managing a complex project, and you need it done in a certain way. A Process Agreement allows you to lay it out, step by step. It's not micro-managing. It's just making sure it gets done right. If you're the one working on the project, you're in luck. You know exactly what's expected. A Process Agreement can help you nail the details. 
Some tasks are excruciatingly detailed. You can help make sure there aren't any missteps with a Process Agreement. Maybe you need to make sure the work is done in a specific order. Or maybe it's pretty complicated and you want to avoid future do-overs. You can also spell out a Plan B if Plan A hits some bumps. A Process Agreement can also help you out if you're the one actually doing the project. You don't want to be the annoying person constantly asking questions. You also don't want to keep chasing people down. It's a waste of your time, and slows things down. By having all the details ironed out in advance, you can focus on what matters. Like getting your job done. And if you're paid per project instead of hourly? By getting a Process Agreement in place, you can get answers to many questions without picking up a single phone.

When to use a Process Agreement:

  • You own a project and want to make sure it's completed correctly.
  • You're about to tackle a project and want to ensure it's perfect.
  • You manage a company that often deals with complex projects.

Sample Process Agreement

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Process Agreement



, ,





Before you Begin you need:






Anticipated Result:


Alternative Action:

Anticipated Result:




Accepted by:







By: Date:


Process Agreement document preview

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