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Member Spotlight: Well Woman - RL_Bus-Cust_Phyllis_Timoll-resize-1.jpg

Member Spotlight: Well Woman

Well Woman
San Francisco, CA
Member since January 2013
Services used: Incorporation (LLC), Business ContractLLC Operating AgreementCorporate MinutesStatement of InformationDocument Review

When Phyllis became a mom three years ago, she was overwhelmed by the huge physical and emotional challenges it entailed. Between the lack of sleep, the extra weight, trouble nursing, and a frustrating forgetfulness, she felt completely blindsided—why hadn’t anyone told her it would be so hard?

That’s when Phyllis decided to start Well Woman, a one-on-one coaching program for new mothers to help them look and feel their best. Drawing on her training as a Certified Holistic Life Coach and nutrition researcher, Phyllis would provide the kind of help she wished she had when she was postpartum.

When she recovered from her experience and was ready to start her business, Phyllis turned to Rocket Lawyer. Her husband had heard it was an easy, affordable way to start a business, so she decided to give it a shot. “The sales team was awesome and super easy to work with,” she said. They helped her choose the best plan for her business, and guided her toward the documents she needed. Within a few months, Well Woman, LLC, was legally incorporated and open for business.

Today, Well Woman helps mothers all over San Francisco, and Phyllis still relies on Rocket Lawyer for the tools she needs to run her business. “Since joining Rocket Lawyer, I’ve created a bunch of legal documents for my business and received legal help from On Call attorneys at least 4-5 times regarding contracts and trademarks. It’s been a huge help.”

What’s next for Phyllis? After becoming a mother a second time—she had a healthy baby boy last year—she’s more committed than ever to helping moms make the transition to parenthood with their health and sanity intact. Her business and family are thriving, and she’s ready to take on whatever comes next.

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