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Member Spotlight: Michelle, SF landlord

When Michelle first joined Rocket Lawyer, she was only looking for a few legal documents to help manage a health crisis in the family. But that got her thinking about her children—what would happen to them if something like this were to happen to her? So she used the site to complete her estate plan and other related documents. It gave her tremendous peace of mind, knowing her girls would be taken care even if she was gone.

With her personal life in order, she started exploring the business side of Rocket Lawyer. A landlord who owns several apartments in the heart of San Francisco, Michelle knew she would need written agreements with her tenants to avoid problems down the line. So from the Landlord Center, Michelle created rental applications, rental agreements, liability waivers, and everything else she needed to manage her business.

Today, business is booming, and Michelle couldn’t be happier. Armed with the documents she needs, she’s currently leasing out a triplex and looking to expand to a fourplex. “Rocket Lawyer is a great service that provided me with a cost effective way to get my legal life together,” she said.

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