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tenants signing documents online

Property Manager’s Toolkit: Key Documents for Tenants to Sign

Managing rental paperwork can be a daunting task and staying organized is difficult. That’s why we’ve launched Rocket Sign™—fast digital signatures to help every landlord and property manager sign documents online with the confidence of knowing that legal help is available when needed. Given the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve put together a few ideas for how you can stay productive and get more peace of mind while managing your rental properties during this unprecedented time.

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What legal documents can tenants sign digitally? 

Below are just a few examples of legal documents that every tenant can sign online:

Rental Application

It’s generally in your best interest to have all prospective tenants fill out a Rental Application. Make sure you get signatures from renters and co-signers, so that you are authorized to run background and credit checks for everyone. Not only will you be able to reduce your own potential liability if something goes wrong, but you will also more quickly and easily be able to find the right tenants.

Lease Agreement

A Lease Agreement is used to outline your rules and collect rent. All adult tenants in a household should sign the lease so that they may be held jointly responsible if one roommate breaks the agreement. Having all tenants sign a lease helps to protect your property by ensuring that everyone who lives on the premises is held accountable to the same standards.

Renter’s Inspection Worksheet

It’s typically recommended that you have the tenant do a walk-through of the property before moving in. With a Renter’s Inspection Worksheet, property managers and tenants can get on the same page about the condition of the property. This helps you set expectations for how clean or damage-free the property should be once the lease is over. 

Lease Renewal Agreement

While many leases transition to month-to-month agreements after one year, you may wish to send a Lease Renewal Agreement to your tenants to formally extend the rental duration for a longer period. Let your tenants know how much it would cost to renew the lease and any additional terms. Depending on your state, you may need to send notices within a certain number of days before the lease expires, so be sure to talk to a lawyer to determine what the guidelines are where you operate.

Lease Amendment

If your tenant’s life changes, you also may need to update their lease. Situations where you may want to use a Lease Amendment include when a roommate moves in or out, when a pet is brought into the home, or when the tenant acquires usage of new amenities like a parking space or storage area. An amendment helps you change the lease in order to add to or update your terms.

Can you sign a lease remotely?

Yes, with Rocket Lawyer, you can make and sign Lease Agreements online. If you’re accustomed to using your own lease template, you may still use Rocket Sign to execute your agreement and store it safely in your account for future reference. If you have questions about your lease, you can ask a lawyer before signing. Start using Rocket Sign, or explore more documents for landlords and property managers today.

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