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Customer Stories: Meet Teresa

Teresa Grobecker is our featured female entrepreneur for Women’s Small Business Month.
Her real estate company, Grobecker Holland International, Inc., is based in San Francisco, California.

In her first five years in business, Teresa has grown from a one-woman operation to employing upwards of 45 agents. Having added mortgage lending to her offerings in the last couple years, Teresa is now expanding her business to also include escrow services. Grobecker Holland International also offers insurance services.

We sat down with Teresa to learn more about her inspirations and how she uses Rocket Lawyer to manage her business.

What inspired you to start your business?

Teresa- I’ve always been an entrepreneur and I grew up in real estate. My first memory is managing real estate with my family. It was just something that I was brought up in so it seemed like a natural fit. It was my first passion out of business school, but in business school, they directed me to financial services. I started my real estate company because I had flexible hours to raise my family.

How did you come across Rocket Lawyer?

Teresa- I found Rocket Lawyer in a Google search, and if I’m remembering correctly, it was right up there with some of the other online legal services. I chose Rocket Lawyer because it spoke to me for the fact it was really easy to use and to customize for what I needed to get done. I’ve been loyal to Rocket Lawyer for several years now.

Which device are you using for your Rocket Lawyer needs? Laptop, iPad, or mobile?

Teresa – I think I would say 95% of the time, I’m accessing Rocket Lawyer on my laptop.

Have you used Rocket Lawyer for your personal needs as well as business?

Teresa – Absolutely. As an entrepreneur, with the entrepreneur’s curse of always starting new activities, I use it for personal documents. There have been times I’m thinking about starting a new business, and it’s a conversation that happens between friends, and it goes to the next step. I definitely lock that language up in the Rocket Lawyer contract.

How likely are you to recommend Rocket Lawyer to a friend or someone that you know?

Teresa – Oh, all the time. I’m always telling people, if we can’t figure it out as realtors, we need to use Rocket Lawyer.

Have you used the Ask A Lawyer feature?

Teresa – Yes, I have. I’ve used them a couple times.

What words come to mind when you think of Rocket Lawyer?

Teresa- Safety, peace of mind, and fun to use. If legal services can be fun, it’s through Rocket Lawyer.

What would you like to see changed or added to make Rocket Lawyer easier for you?

Teresa – Oh easier? I don’t know that it could be any easier.

And as a female entrepreneur, what’s your advice for other women that are starting their own businesses?

Teresa – There are so many challenges that face us as a gender. So I’d say, share your love for your female companions and make them shine. You’re not in competition. We’re all on the same team. Let’s help each other out because that’s what we’ve always done in our families and in our networks as girlfriends. So let’s continue to do that in business.

You can follow Teresa and Grobecker Holland International on Facebook.

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