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Tenant Resources

Renting may be ideal for you if you want to avoid the commitment of homeownership or you're in a market where renting is more affordable than owning. Nevertheless, you'll still need tenant resources to help protect yourself, in addition to understanding how to establish solid relationships with your landlord and property manager. We can help you understand your tenant rights and responsibilities so you're happy and comfortable in your home.

As a tenant, you'll want to make sure that you're renting a place that will cause you the fewest problems. Conducting a step-by-step apartment inspection will help catch all those little things that might need fixing or polishing before you move in, and establishing tenant maintenance responsibilities with your landlord is also key from the start. If problems arise within the tenant-landlord relationship, you can learn how to write a formal complaint to your landlord, or go about the process of breaking your lease, when necessary. If you encounter a tenant-landlord situation that's a little more on the complicated side, you might want to consider speaking with an attorney.

Browse our tenant resources articles below for more information on establishing a great renting experience. And if you feel like you need to find a lawyer for more help, just let us know.