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Real Estate

Whether it's your home-sweet-home, your place of work, or your livelihood, chances are real estate plays a big part in your life. We're here to help make real estate easy for everyone from property managers, to renters, to buyers and sellers.

If you're a property manager, you're probably in constant need of real estate legal forms and documents like rental applications and real estate leases. These documents can keep things running smoothly for you and solidify great landlord/tenant relationships. On the tenant side, Tenant Maintenance Request and Sublease Agreement forms make your communications official, while making sure those leaky faucets get fixed. Our personalized forms cover many needs, but we can also help you speak with an attorney for real estate legal advice.

If you're buying or selling, you might to set up a quick transfer of property using a Quit Claim Deed, or make a home-buying checklist with Home Evaluation Worksheet. Below you'll find some helpful articles on real estate law and other topics of interest. And if we can help you find a lawyer, just let us know.