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Online Legal Services

Just about everything can be done online these days. You file taxes, request a birth certificate and apply for a passport online, and you can do most of your legal stuff on the web too. Some situations could come up where you might want to think about speaking with an attorney, but when it comes to online legal services, we can help set you up with the forms, legal document templates, official letters and such that you need to get things squared away quickly.

You'd be surprised how much red tape can be skipped over with a few clicks. Independent contractors and businesses, for example, might just need a general contract for services to engage another business or individuals for a particular project. For life's changes, you can find free legal forms like a living will to protect your property in case something happens to you, and a prenuptial agreement to get your finances all sorted out before tying the knot.

But forms are just the tip of the iceberg for online legal services. Rocket Lawyer's eSignature service means you can sign something right on the computer without having to print, sign, fax, mail and all that.

Below you'll find some articles that will help you navigate through the world of online legal services. If you find that whatever you're working on needs a little more TLC, just let us know and we can help you find a lawyer.