A minutes template can help your company keep track of corporate minutes.  Corporate minutes generally include the list of attendees, a statement of issues discussed during the meeting, and what measures were taken in response to these issues.  Keeping track of corporate minutes is one of the best ways of monitoring major changes in your company.  A minutes template ensures that your corporate minutes will be recorded in an orderly and uniform fashion. 

Below is a sample minutes template that is partially filled out.  The bylaws start with a declaration of the purpose of the meeting and the elections of directors and officers.

The minutes template shown above is a helpful guide for those who want to keep their company meetings as organized as possible.  Managing a business can be a daunting task, so it's important to have the right tools to make the process smoother. 

Want to get started?  Simply click on the link below to get your personalized minutes template.  Rocket Lawyer also has many other forms that are useful for forming your own business or nonprofit organization, such as Benefits of Keeping Records, Keeping Corporate Minutes, and Corporations - Holding Special Meetings.

Looking for more? Here are a few additional sample documents you might find helpful: