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Health and Medical

There's nothing more important than your health. Whether you're considering a medical procedure of some sort, about to visit the hospital or if you simply want your medical records transferred, we can help you cover the legal basics so that you get back to more important matters.

Managing your health means communicating with a lot of different people, from medical professionals and hospitals to insurance agencies and the government. Legal forms can help you sort through everything so that you can get back to the business of your health and life. For example, a medical records request can help you get your records if you're changing doctors or moving, and a medical records transfer form comes in handy when you want them delivered from your doctor to a specialist. And then you've got forms like a letter to appeal a medical claim denial in case you need an explanation in writing from a doctor or insurance agency.

If you think you'll be visiting the hospital or a clinic, you might want to think ahead and consider putting together a living will to allow yourself some peace of mind, and a hospital visitation authorization gives permission to certain people to visit you during your recovery.

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