Since the internet is relatively new, laws regarding it change often so it may be hard to know exactly what’s allowed. If you’re having any legal issues on the internet, you may want to consult with an internet lawyer.

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What Does an Internet Lawyer Do?

Internet lawyers, also known as cyberspace lawyers, deal with the creation and maintenance of websites and online businesses. A lawyer will represent you if you have to go to court, will file any lawsuits, and can file any paperwork on your behalf.

How Do I Know If I Need an Internet Lawyer?

You may need an internet lawyer to deal with any of the following issues:
  • Domain name problems
  • Intellectual property
  • Online business regulations
  • Privacy
  • Censorship
  • Internet defamation
If you’re just curious about how specific internet laws and regulations relate to you, an internet attorney can clear up any confusion. Since the rules of the internet are constantly changing, having an attorney who is up-to-date on the most current regulations may be a good idea.

How Much Does an Internet Lawyer Cost?

Lawyers have different methods of billing so not every lawyer will be the same, but many internet attorneys charge hourly rates. Others use some flat rate services for simpler matters, often having to do with paperwork. Rates will vary depending on the complexity of your matter and where in the country you live. Make sure to establish a rate with your attorney up front.

What Should I Expect When Working with an Internet Lawyer?

Online businesses face many of the same regulations as traditional businesses, so some concerns of internet law overlaps with business law.

Your potential outcome will differ depending on your legal issue. If your issue involves intellectual property, the person who stole your idea, design, or work, may be required to discontinue use and pay a fine. And as internet rules are still not all set in stone, your legal issue may even need to go to court, especially if it involves privacy and censorship.

While your lawyer cannot guarantee a win in your favor, he or she will try to make sure that you have a fair trial or file all the paperwork you need.

Get started Ask a Lawyer a Question You'll hear back in one business day.

Get started Ask a Lawyer a Question You'll hear back in one business day.