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Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring allows you to stay on top of your credit score and improve it over time. We can help with the ins and outs of credit report monitoring so that little errors and other issues don't prevent you from reaching your financial goals.

If you haven't checked your credit rating in a while, a good way to begin credit monitoring is to request a free credit report form one of the three credit bureaus (Experian,Equifax andTrans Union). You can do this by internet, phone or fax every 12 months free of charge. Once you get your free credit report, check it for errors, unauthorized accounts or other possible mistakes. If you find any, you can contest the errors. We can provide you with a free credit report challenge form here.

Improving your credit rating is another aspect of credit monitoring, and you can do that by paying off debts, using your credit cards sparingly and holding on to credit cards you've had for a long period of time to lengthen your credit history. If you feel like you're in over your head, you might consider speaking with an attorney who understands the legal side of credit.

Below you'll find some articles that walk you through credit monitoring a little more in depth. And if you decide you need some professional help, we can find a lawyer for you anytime.