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Starting a Wyoming LLC

We’ll walk you through the steps of launching your Wyoming LLC. Want to know the cost and how long the process will take? We have those answers and more:
wyoming LLC
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Before you start

You'll have to provide some basic information so we can help you form your LLC in wyoming. Here's what your state needs to know:
The name of your business
Your business address
Who's forming and managing your LLC
Your industry
A short statement of purpose

Running a Wyoming LLC

Congratulations! You completed forming your Wyoming LLC. Now it’s time to complete the process, and we’ll explain how:
Step 1. Designate a Registered Agent
The state of Wyoming requires both a Registered Agent and office. Most people hire a professional since they can’t guarantee they’ll be available during business hours at all times. We can help.
Step 2. Register for an EIN
The IRS assumes that your Wyoming LLC has been legally formed once you apply for an Employer Identification Number.
Step 3. Prepare an LLC Operating Agreement
Wyoming allows you to choose whether you want an LLC Operating Agreement or not, though it’s highly encouraged to create one. It may be in either written or verbal form.
Step 4. Schedule a Meeting
Just as the name suggests, an organizational meeting is when you and your LLC come together to organize the structure of your business. Wyoming doesn’t offer any specific requirements for this meeting.
Step 5. File a Statement of Information
A Statement of Information provides a great overview of your Wyoming LLC. The state does not require you to submit one.