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Starting a Rhode Island LLC

An LLC can help legitimize your already flourishing business. Or if you haven’t started your business yet, it may be the right first step in officializing your company. By forming a Rhode Island LLC, you can stay on top of the competition. We can help you get started:
rhode island LLC
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Before you start

You'll have to provide some basic information so we can help you form your LLC in rhode island. Here's what your state needs to know:
The name of your business
Your business address
Who's forming and managing your LLC
Your industry
A short statement of purpose

Running a Rhode Island LLC

If you’ve finished creating your Rhode Island LLC, you’ll need to take a few more steps to complete the process. We’ll show you how to proceed:
Step 1. Secure a Registered Agent
When you hire a Registered Agent, you’re making sure that you don’t miss any of your important legal and tax notifications. The state of Rhode Island mandates that your LLC have a Registered Agent and office.
Step 2. Apply for an EIN
The IRS offers different ways to register for an Employer Identification Number. You can do it by mail, by phone, by fax, or even online.
Step 3. Form an LLC Operating Agreement
Have you created the policies and procedures of your Rhode Island LLC? An LLC Operating Agreement is optional in the state but the agreement helps outline important rules and guidelines for your company. It’s not mandatory to create one but it’s smart to do so.
Step 4. Call for an Organizational Meeting
There are no stipulations when holding an organizational meeting. During this meeting, you and your LLC members can elect officers and complete the organization of your Rhode Island LLC.
Step 5. File a Statement of Information
Rhode Island doesn’t require you to submit a Statement of Information but it’s recommended that you do. It should only take you about 15 minutes to fill yours out.