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Starting a New Mexico LLC

There are no ongoing, state-specific compliance responsibilities when you form a New Mexico LLC. Depending on your business, you may have to have certain forms and permits, but as far as yearly or initial fees, New Mexico LLC’s don’t have to jump through any compliance hoops. Get your own New Mexico LLC started:
new mexico LLC
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Before you start

You'll have to provide some basic information so we can help you form your LLC in new mexico. Here's what your state needs to know:
The name of your business
Your business address
Who's forming and managing your LLC
Your industry
A short statement of purpose

Running a New Mexico LLC

You’re almost done with the whole process after forming your New Mexico LLC. Follow the instructions below to complete your LLC:
Step 1. Choose a Registered Agent
It’s important to secure a Registered Agent and office. Make sure you maintain both within the state of New Mexico.
Step 2. Have an EIN
Your New Mexico LLC needs its own unique code. An Employer Identification Number is a way to track your business.
Step 3. Establish an Operating Agreement
It’s up to you if you want to form an LLC Operating Agreement but New Mexico stipulates that it must be written.
Step 4. Schedule an Organizational Meeting
What happens at an organizational meeting? Though New Mexico does not offer any stipulations, you should outline the structure of your business and appoint officers.
Step 5. Submit an Initial Report
It’s highly encouraged to file an Initial Report even though it’s not required by New Mexico law.