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Starting an Illinois LLC

Help your business rise to success by forming a Illinois LLC. An LLC status offers the flexibility of a partnership with many of the liability protections of a corporation. Have questions about the LLC incorporation process? We’ve got answers:
illinois LLC
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Before you start

You'll have to provide some basic information so we can help you form your LLC in illinois. Here's what your state needs to know:
The name of your business
Your business address
Who's forming and managing your LLC
Your industry
A short statement of purpose

Running an Illinois LLC

Not sure how to begin running your Illinois LLC? We can help you get it up and running:
Step 1. Obtain a Registered Agent
Having a Registered Agent and office ensures that you receive legal and tax notices. Illinois requires that you maintain both within the state.
Step 2. Register for an EIN
When you pay your employees and file business tax returns, your business will need an Employer Identification Number. Even if you don’t have any employees, it’s a way for the IRS to identify your LLC.
Step 3. Make an LLC Operating Agreement
Illinois leaves it up to you to decide if you want an LLC Operating Agreement, though it’s highly encouraged to create one. It’s simple. All you have to do is fill out some basic information, and the agreement will create a guideline for your company.
Step 4. Assemble a Meeting
Some of the items you want to cover at your organizational meeting are appointing officers and collecting initial contributions. Illinois allows you to customize your meeting as you see fit.
Step 5. File an Initial Report
The state requires you to file an Initial Report, also known as an Illinois Business Registration Application. The fees vary based on your business.