Contracts/Agreements - Creative, Media and Licensing

Creative and media specific contracts to cover many situations - interior design, graphic design, composer, freelance writer, and artist agent agreements; copyright licensing, music licensing, movie production, royalty agreements and more.

Contracts/Agreements - Entertainment/Event

Event related contracts and agreements, including DJ, bartending, catering, facilities rental, and food service contracts


Contracts/Agreements - Products, Manufacturing

Manufacturing agreements, including end user license agreement, and exclusivity agreement

Contracts/Agreements - Services

Contracts for bartending, day care, dog walking, home health care, and other services provided to individuals or other businesses - if your specific service is not in the list, you can use the General Contract for Services.

Government Letters

Complaint to BBB, Legal Records Request, Response to IRS, Police Report Worksheet

Real Estate - Deeds

Deeds for transferring property between parties - including grant deed, bargain and sale deed, mortgage deed, quitclaim deed, special warranty deed and warranty deed.

Real Estate - General

General documents related to purchase and management of real estate.