Changing your estate plan

You can easily change your Estate Plans and Will.
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Change your estate plan FAQs

In most cases, changing your estate planning documents is simple. You'll just need to make the change, make sure they are properly signed (witnessed and/or notarized, and that the changes are shared with the interested parties. You may need to destroy the original document and create a new one, or you may be able to add an addendum to your current versions.

How do I change my Will?

In most cases, changing your Will is easy. Will changes are commonly needed after life changes such as an addition or loss to the family, asset purchases or sales, or a marriage or divorce. A Codicil to Will is one way to make minor changes to your Will. A Codicil to Will is an amendment to an existing Will. While a Codicil does not need to be notarized, you should take the care to have it witnessed. Additionally, make sure copies of the changes are attached to your original Will and distributed to the correct parties.

If you have a membership and created your Will using our services, you can log in to your account and create a Codicil to your Will, or edit the Will itself. If you create a new Will, you'll need to make sure you sign it with witnesses and redistribute it.

How do I revoke my Advanced Health Care Directive?

An Advanced Health Care Directive appoints someone to make near-end-of-life or end-of-life health care choices for you. You may change your mind about who you want to appoint or what kind of care you desire. Its easy to revoke your current Advanced Health Care Directive, often called a Living Will, and to make a new one if needed.

To revoke our Living Will using Rocket Lawyer:

  • Log in to your account and select Advance Health Care Directive - Revocation
  • Fill in the require information
  • Print the document
  • Sign the document with witnesses
  • Destroy the previous version
  • Distribute the document to the required parties

How do I change my Power of Attorney (POA)?

Changing your POA is easy. You just destroy the previous version and make a new one. Once you make the new one, print it and bring it to a Notary Public for signing and notarizing to make it valid. A verbal revocation may not be enforceable, so you should take the steps to formally change your Power of Attorney. Make sure to share the changed version with interested parties such as your spouse, lawyer, accountant and family members.

How do I change my parent's Power of Attorney?

If your parent(s) become incapacitated and you need to change their POA, it can be difficult. Due to poor health, dementia or Alzheimer's your parent may not be able to change and sign a change of POA legally. Perhaps their original POA is no longer available or suitable and you feel it is in your parent's best interest to change the POA to yourself or a more suitable person. If the current POA is willing, they can sign over their rights. If the POA is resistant, you should consult with a lawyer and prepare to go to court.