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Sample Vacation Policy Form Template
Vacation Policy Basics

Your employees deserve a little R&R, but as a business, it makes sense to set some limits. Make sure that your Vacation Policy is down on paper. How many days per year do employees get? Does it change if they've been there longer? Paid or unpaid? Spell it out so it's easy for employees (and you) to plan ahead for leave time. A Vacation Policy can help.

Use the Vacation Policy document if:

  • You are an employer and you would like to provide your employees with a clear guideline on how vacation benefits are accrued and who is eligible.

You're a good boss, which is why you're looking up a Vacation Policy in the first place. When you're employees are happy, your business thrives. And they work hard for you. Everyone needs a break to recharge. You just have to make sure vacations are fair and that there aren't any gray areas. Do unused vacation days roll over? How do employees request days off? What about the busy seasons around Christmas, Labor Day Weekend, or the Fourth of July? Are you going to let them tack on vacation days to company holidays? We'll walk you through creating a custom policy that works for your business. A Vacation Policy can help you plan your approach and put it in writing so it's clear to workers and managers.

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Sample Vacation Policy

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create a Vacation Policy.

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