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Travel Consent Form basics

Using a Travel Consent Form, you can allow your child to travel with another adult domestically or internationally. Our form also includes a medical release section, so your children can receive medical care away from you, if needed.

Use the Travel Consent Form document if:

  • Your child will be traveling alone within the US or internationally.
  • Your child will be traveling outside the country with their other parent.
  • Your child will be traveling within the US or internationally with another adult.
  • You will be traveling with minors, as a coach or other chaperone, and need forms for parents.

Other names for a Travel Consent Form:

Child Travel Consent Form, Parental Travel Consent Form, Parental Consent Form for Travel, Consent to Travel Form

When is a Travel Consent Form needed?

Airline requirements vary, so to cover your bases, you may as well have this form completed any time your child travels with another adult. If the other parent is traveling with your child, they will also need the form to travel with your mutual children outside of the country. If you have travel restrictions included in your custody agreement, you will need the form for your child to travel outside the restricted area with the other parent. It is also prudent to have a copy of the custody agreement with the Travel Consent Form. Often for school or sports events, these forms are customary along with a medical release.

If your child is not traveling by plane, a consent is not always legally required. However, it could be proven useful if an incident occurs. Since most young children do not carry IDs, the paperwork could prove helpful if there is an accident and the adult they are traveling with is incapacitated. The form provides the information needed for emergency crews to contact the parents and it can provide life-saving medical information.

If the children are under the age of 16 and are traveling outside of the US, they'll need documentation showing their relationship to the adult they are traveling with. Minors aged 16 to 17 only need a parental consent. Minors traveling outside the US without an adult will most often be required to have a direct flight. If you have questions, you should contact the airlines in advance about their specific policies. For foreign travel, you can contact the local embassy for travel information.

Information needed for a Child Travel Consent Form

Consent forms are not lengthy, you'll just need the child's travel credentials and itinerary. You'll also need to include their adult travel companions' information. The form includes a section for adding the parent or legal guardians' contact information and a medical treatment section. You can add additional information to the form if needed. While the Child Travel Consent Form includes a medical release section, we also offer a more comprehensive Medical Treatment for Minors Form.

Do Letters of Travel Consent need to be notarized?

If your child is traveling within the US, it is most often not required. Other country's requirements vary, so to be safe, you may as well get the form notarized if your child is traveling outside the US. Many banks and credit unions provide notary services, or you can easily find one within your town (some will even travel to you).

What kind of ID is needed for a child to fly?

The TSA does not require that children under the age of 18 have an ID if they are traveling within the US. If the child is at the age for free travel (often under two years of age) airlines may ask for a birth certificate or passport as proof of age. The REAL ID Act requirements do not apply to minors.

Do young children need passports to travel abroad?

All children, even infants, require passports or passport cards to travel outside of the US. Passports allow your child to travel anywhere. Passport cards are lower-priced than passports and allow children to travel by land or sea to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. (If traveling to these areas by plane, a full passport is required.) If your child needs a passport or passport card, you'll need to apply about eight weeks before the trip to receive the document on time. If the trip is occurring sooner than eight weeks, you can pay to have the documents expedited.

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Sample Travel Consent Form

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