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Sample Simple Will Form Template
Simple Will Basics

You've decided to think about the future, including what will happen after you pass away. A Simple Will allows you to spell out where your property and possessions go. By creating a Simple Will, you can make certain your family is protected and your wishes for your estate are carried out.

Use the Simple Will document if:

  • You own property, including Digital Assets, (see below) that will need to be distributed after your death.
  • You want to choose the people or organizations that will receive your property after your death.
  • You want to appoint the person or organization who will carry out the terms of the Will.
  • You want to designate who will have responsibility for minor children if the other parent is unable to serve as the natural guardian.
  • Note: If your estate will be valued at more than $5,120,000 (the federal estate tax exemption amount currently) this Simple Will is best used for research and planning. An attorney's help is recommended for estate plans for larger estates.
  • Digital Assets: Any online accounts or files stored on a computer or server are included. Examples of digital assets you might want your simple will to include are: email accounts, blogs, social-networking websites, online backup services, photo and document sharing websites, financial and business accounts, domain names, virtual property, and computer files.

A Simple Will shields your family from potential disputes and lengthy legal battles. It allows you to determine how and to whom your property and assets will be transferred after your death. Your Will may also include your final wishes for your body. You can also appoint an executor in your Simple Will, which is a person or entity that ensures your wishes are met. Our Simple Will will work for most people. It contains provisions for both married and single people as well as allowing you to provide for your children of any age. If your estate is expected to be larger than the current federal applicable exclusion amount $5,340,000, you may want to contact an attorney for more complete estate planning help.

Sample Simple Will

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create a Simple Will.

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This document is sometimes called a Last Will and Testament.

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