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Sample Short-Term Disabilities Agreement Form Template
Short-Term Disabilities Agreement Basics

You need to take a leave from work for a certain amount of time. A Short-Term Disabilities Agreement can help - even if it's not an injury you're dealing with. Family emergencies, personal reasons, illnesses, and of course injuries may all count. Get the details of your leave squared away with your employer for an easy comeback with a Short-Term Disabilities Agreement.

Use the Short-Term Disabilities Agreement document if:

  • You want to take leave of absence from work for a specific period and want to set out the reasons and conditions for such absence.

Don't be fooled by the Short-Term Disabilities Agreement name. We all know there are times when you just have to leave work for awhile. Life is full of surprises. Maybe you need to unexpectedly find a care facility for your dad. Maybe you came down with a bad case of mono. Or maybe you're the employer and want to have documents in place in case of emergency. After all, the last thing your employees should be stressing about in tough situations is paperwork. Getting protocols established before someone has to leave for a family emergency isn't just a smart move - it shows that you care about your workers. It also helps the business make easier adjustments when an employee has to leave for a little bit. A Short-Term Disabilities Agreement can help keep everyone including the employee, employer, and other workers protected.

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Sample Short-Term Disabilities Agreement

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