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Sample Roofing Contract Form Template
Roofing Contract Basics

To make sure you get your new roof or your roof repairs done right, create a Roofing Contract. It defines the services and the work, including warranty, so everything's clear early-on. Both roofing contractors and building owners may use this agreement to outline the terms of replacing, repairing, or completing a new roofing project on existing or new commercial buildings, homes, or other structures.

Use the Roofing Contract document if:

  • You are the organizer, host, sponsor, or another party conducting an activity or event and want to reduce your liability by having participants sign a Release of Liability.
  • You are the organizer, host, sponsor, or another party conducting an activity or event and are interested in obtaining temporary authority to seek medical emergency treatment for your patrons, including minors.

When it's time for a roofing job, it's best if everyone is on the same page about what's being done, when it's happening, any conditions and limitations, payment terms, timelines, and more. With this Roofing Contract, you customize the terms to cover all the details of your agreement. Guarantees may also be included, like when the contractor guarantees the quality of the roofing work for a certain period after completion. During the warranty period, if the owner finds a defect or repair to the roofing, which is caused by something other than ordinary wear and tear, the contractor can be legally bound to fix it free of cost. Create your Roofing Contract today to make sure you have a quality roof for years to come, and if you're the roofer, this contract lets your client know exactly what to expect.

Other names for this document: Roofing Agreement, Roofing Service Contract

Sample Roofing Contract

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