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Sample Resignation of Incorporator Form Template
Resignation of Incorporator Basics

You've started a company, but it's time to move on. Use the Resignation of Incorporator to give everyone formal notice. You were there from the start, so it's big news that you're leaving. You may have years invested in this company. Don't leave any loose strings and get your Resignation of Incorporator document taken care of.

Use the Resignation of Incorporator document if:

  • You are a director or officer of a company and you are planning on resigning soon and would like to notify the company and fellow officers or directors.

Companies depend on their incorporators to be leaders. You can model this kind of leadership by creating a Resignation of Incorporator document. It's the formal way to let the company know you're resigning. Maybe you've had an offer you can't refuse. Or maybe you're buying that retirement home in Hawaii. It really doesn't matter why you're stepping down - you'll have the option to let the directors and officers know why, or keep it to yourself. Either way, it's important to be respectful up to your last day and make sure the word doesn't spread through gossip. You've had a good run with the company. There's no need to leave on bad terms. You might be eager to move on, but take care of this final piece of business first. Your Resignation of Incorporator document can be your formal, professional, adieu.

Other names for this document: Resignation of Incorporator Letter

Sample Resignation of Incorporator

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