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Sample Rent Increase Letter Form Template
Rent Increase Letter Basics

If you're a landlord, there are many reasons why you might need to raise the rent on a rental property. You can use a Rent Increase Letter as a written notification to your tenant(s); it informs them of when you plan to change the rent. With this document you can make sure that all the necessary information is in writing, so that there is no confusion over the rent increase.

Use the Rent Increase Letter document if:

  • You would like to notify a Tenant of an increase in their monthly rent.
  • The ordinances of your Tenant's city allow you to increase the rent.
  • You want to create a record of notifying the tenant about the rent increase.

A Rent Increase Letter is a simple and affordable way of avoiding miscommunications or delay about the amount of rent your tenant(s) will be responsible for, how often rent is due, and to restate what your policies for collection and late rent are. By putting your renter's obligation details all together in a single Rent Increase Letter, you're also creating a helpful reference for your own files on what each tenant should be paying, and when they began paying that amount of rent.

Sample Rent Increase Letter

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