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Sample Property Manager Agreement Form Template
Property Manager Agreement Basics

When you own a rental property and need help managing it, or you manage someone else's real estate as an independent contractor, signing a property manager agreement can protect your professional relationships and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks (including care of the building).

Property Manager Agreement

  • You own a rental property and have hired an independent contractor to manage it.
  • You manage investment properties as an independent contractor.

Sample Property Manager Agreement

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As a property owner, you want your investment to receive the level of care you would give it if you had the time. Creating a property manager agreement allows you to outline your manager's duties, your desired standard of care and the terms of payment. The property manager agreement can also include conditions for termination, should your manager not meet your expectations.

If you are a property manager, this agreement protects you by getting the details of your professional relationship in black and white. Use the property manager agreement to specify your responsibilities, determine work timelines and ensure that you are paid fairly and on time.

If you have legal needs outside of a Property Manager Agreement, please check out our complete list of customizable service contracts.

Other names for this document: Property Manager Contract, Property Management Agreement

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