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Sample Pet Trust Form Template
Pet Trust Basics

A Pet Trust helps you legally choose a caretaker for your pet if you pass. Pets can't actually be the beneficiaries or trusts themselves; but you can certainly designate caretakers, monthly allowances for pet care, and what to do with the trust when your pet passes. A Pet Trust helps you get started with providing for your pet.

Use the Pet Trust document if:

  • You want to make sure your pets are cared for after you pass.
  • You'd like to designate a pet caregiver.
  • You want to set aside funds for pet care.
  • You need to designate where remaining funds will go after your pet passes.

Taking care of a pet is rewarding, but it can also be expensive. Having a Pet Trust in place can help you eliminate a lot of the costs of pet care for the person you're designating as the caretaker. There's a lot more to planning ahead than memorial arrangements and estate planning, don't forget your pets. You want to make sure they have the same life that they had with you. A trust allows you to choose a caregiver who will carry out your wishes, designate funds to so that the caregiver has appropriate support, and allows you to specify where the remain funds should go after your pet passes away. Everything is up to you, but you have to get it in writing. A Pet Trust helps take care of your loyal companions for the rest of their lives.

Other names for this document: Trust for Pets

Sample Pet Trust

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