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Sample Notice To Proceed Form Template
Notice To Proceed Basics

You're a project owner ready to give your contractors the go-ahead; use a Notice to Proceed to let know in writing. You lucked out when finding the perfect contractor for the job. The details have been inked. Everyone's on board. You just need to get the ball rolling with a Notice to Proceed.

Use the Notice To Proceed document if:

  • You need to notify a contractor to begin work on a project.

A Notice to Proceed helps avoid costly misunderstandings. When you're the contractor, you want to make sure you're clear to start the project. Last-minute changes can make a world of difference. What happens if you're the owner and change your mind at the last minute? What if the contractor already started? Who's going to pay? When your contractor has agreed to wait for formal notification to begin or resume work, you can avoid these pitfalls. You can also help cement a great professional relationship. A Notice to Proceed helps to protect the owner and the contractor.

Other names for this document: Notice to Proceed Letter, Construction Notice to Proceed

Sample Notice To Proceed

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