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Sample Independent Contractor Agreement Form Template
Independent Contractor Agreement Basics

Reviewed by Rocket Lawyer On Call Attorney Dinesh Singhal, Esq.

Whether you're a one-man show with a shingle and a truck, or you're hiring someone to complete a project, an Independent Contractor Agreement makes sure both parties are protected.

Misunderstandings are common so our document allows you to define the working relationship in black and white. If you're hiring an independent contractor or freelancer, use the Independent Contractor Agreement to outline your expectations regarding deliverables, timelines and terms of payment.

If you are the independent contractor, then our document will put your obligations to clients in writing, heading off possible disagreements to ensure you get paid.

For other legal documents, check out our full list of service contracts that are customizable for every industry.

Use the Independent Contractor Agreement document if:

  • You will be completing services for a person or company on a project-to-project basis (i.e. as an independent contractor or freelancer).
    Information you may need:
  • You will be receiving services from an independent contractor.
    Information you may need:
  • Note: If you are hiring an employee (not an independent contractor) use an employment agreement instead.

Independent Contractor Agreement

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