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HVAC Contract basics

When you have a problem with your heating or air conditioning, you want a contractor who will take care of the problem immediately. Here are some frequently asked questions and simple answers to help you gain a better understanding of the HVAC Contract process.

How do I get an HVAC contract?

When you need work done on your HVAC system, it is typical to want a contract in place to make sure you have an understanding of what work will be done, when the work will be done, and the cost of the work. Generally speaking, the person who is going to do the work will provide a contract which explains their responsibilities and their expectations.

An HVAC contractor typically provides a service contract that defines when they will start the job, when they anticipate the job being completed, and what the cost will be to complete the job. Additionally, the contract will explain when they expect to be paid a deposit and when final payment is due for the work. Finally, some HVAC Contracts will also explain what legal steps may be taken if final payment is not made as agreed.

How much does a HVAC service contract cost?

Drawing up an HVAC Service Contract can be done at no charge by following our simple step-by-step process. This form may be used by a homeowner, a commercial building owner, or by the HVAC contractor. You'll need to have the answers to specific questions regarding the name of the person hiring the contractor, the contractor's name, and the scope of the work.

Additionally, this HVAC Contract also allows the contractor an opportunity to clearly explain that in some cases, the scope of the work, and therefore the price, may change should the conditions be different once the HVAC technician has an opportunity to start working on the system.

Are HVAC service agreements worth it?

It is always in your best interest to get maintenance and repair contracts in writing. This can help to ensure that you have proper documentation of the terms of your agreement if a dispute arises. Making an HVAC Contract is free with Rocket Lawyer, and it only takes a few minutes when you have the appropriate information available.

What does an HVAC service include?

Annual HVAC services usually include filter replacements or cleaning, checking on wiring, connections, and controls as well as cleaning the blower, motors and other parts of the system. Most times, HVAC service technicians will also verify that your thermostat is registering properly. These are usually done on the inside of your home.

Outdoors, your HVAC system will also require service. This includes verifying the coils and housing are clean, the compressor is working properly, and not in need of repair. Finally, the technician will also clean the drain lines and clean debris from around the outside units to make sure dirt is not getting into the system.

Having a contract in place whenever you hire a technician will help ensure the work you contract for is completed in a timely manner and that you have an idea of how much the services will cost. You can find a range of service contracts on Rocket Lawyer to meet all of your needs.

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Sample HVAC Contract

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create an HVAC Contract.

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